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Connect your business with Walnut Grove and Willoughby communities through our not-for-profit events, education and initiatives.


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The WWBA holds business networking and community events for Walnut Grove & Willoughby. These events are one way we’re dedicated to continuing growth and success in our community.



The WWBA membership is a non-profit society comprised of businesses, professionals and organizations that are actively operating and doing business in Walnut Grove, Port Kells and Willoughby. The WWBA is a voice for Walnut Grove & Willoughby, dedicated to providing information needed to have continued growth and success in our community. 

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Get connected with other local members that will help accelerate your business or community initiative. Almost anyone can join!

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Communities grow by meeting new people. Find your success and support at one of our local events.


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Be highlighted on our social media and online listing as a trusted member of our local communities.

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Let us invest in your image by producing a video to share with your customers and community.



Join the collective voice for local businesses so that your issues can be heard.

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Find new clientele by registering to be a part of our community business showcase


We invest in the next generation by connecting students with jobs and grants. 

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